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Technical Special Processes - Why do we use this term?

Roots and Consequences

August 1st 1953 the founder started a business of his own. Before he was successfully distributing a foreign product in Germany. It started with nil and an independant production could be initiated when he left. His idea is the believe that innovative products bring advantages.

Advantages by new and better products might exceed those by buying standard products cheaper.

A steady observation of the world market resulted in few improvements for our local industry. We are troubleshooters for maybe troubles that our partners are not even aware of.

First is the problem solution and second the product. That ist what we call in our language TECHNISHCE SPEZIALVERFAHREN (Technical Special Processes). The help are new and innovative products.

Mr. Brendel is engineer and economist. So industry is the logical partner of this company.

Many years are giving success for products that we could establish in the Central European Market. Few of them became state of the art. So the company grew.

Often we could improve the safety of work. More important was that we had a good feeling for the chances of this innovation. The right time for the entrance to the market was another important factor.

Taking risks pays.

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